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Need some holiday reading ideas...?

Posted on 08 Jul 2011

...then look no further than Red's Top Ten Beach Reads . Pick your favourites from a stellar list including Siri Hustvedt's deceptively slim The Summer Without Men and Anne Patchett's latest,...

Vanessa, Adele and me

Posted on 25 Jun 2011

Last week I was on the Vanessa Show on Channel 5 with the lovely Adele Parks . We were meant to be debating the concept of Fr-amily ie whether friends are the new family. I was saying we create...

How do YOU find YOUR passion?

Posted on 22 Jun 2011

That was the question we set out to answer last night at the Red Network event on Finding Your Passion (and making it pay) at London's Hospital Club. For the first time, instead of asking the...

Fancy a snoop around my house? PLUS Event...

Posted on 07 Jun 2011

Well, here's your chance - in the new issue of Red (july), on sale now, I subject myself to the This Life slot. And, honestly, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I am full of...


Here it is - in the wild!

Posted on 28 May 2011

Well, pub day is here - To My Best Friends is out there, all on it's own. Now I just have to hope it can fend for itself. It's not doing too badly so far, as this pic from Sarah Franklin's local Waterstones shows.

We've had a few reviews in already. Grazia gave To My Best Friends a big thumbs up on Tuesday and The Sun's Buzz magazine rated it this week's top book and gave it four stars (read both reviews here). And thanks very much to chicklitblog and novelicious for their fab reviews and constant support. We're expecting lots more in the new issues out next week, so watch this space.

Also next week, I've written a piece about my best friends (and whether your husband/partner can be one of them) for The Times and a feature about the emotional life of clothes - starring me pictured in many terrible outfits over the years. Why oh why did I wear that orange dress to get married?! In theory, the Times is in T2 on Monday and the Mail in thursday's Femail section - but anything could happen, so who knows? Once the links are up I'll tweet them and post them on this page.

And last, but definitely not least, I'm featured - along with our house and very grumpy cat, Shinobi - in this month's This Life slot in Red. That should go up online on Wednesday so I'll post that link then too.