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3 days and counting!

Posted on 17 Aug 2009

Well, it's launch week and we're off to a flying start. Today I wrote a piece for the Daily Mail about the ups and downs of being a stepmum. I spoke to lots of women with a whole variety of...

The first stepmums' support group

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

The Stepmothers' Support Group went live for the first time this week when we recreated one in an East London bar for a feature you'll be able to see in the October issue of Red. Let me tell...

Visit the Stepmums' Support Group on mumsnet

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

Sitting in Caffe Nero, supposedly doing the first draft of my next novel (working title What to Wear to Your Best Friend's Funeral), and I thought I'd tell you a bit more about the SSG activity...

Did someone say screenplay?

Posted on 13 Jul 2009

If you’re not in the UK, the good news is SSG will be published next summer in the United States. We’ve also sold rights in Netherlands, Germany and Greece so far. More to follow...


To My Best Friends - pub date news!

Posted on 23 Apr 2011

It's been a long time coming, I know, but finally it's - almost - here.

To My Best Friends is out IN PAPERBACK on May 26th.

It's really nerve-wracking when the proofs first go out, so it's a huge relief that, so far, the early reads have all been positive. I'm a huge fan of Allison Pearson - Telegraph columnist and author of the mega-selling I Don't Know How She Does It. So, when I interviewed her at the Chiswick Literary Festival, and she offered to read To My Best Friends and give me a cover quote if she liked it I was blown away - and terrified she'd hate it. Luckily for me, she loved it, and part of her quote appears on the front cover, as you can see here.

if you're interested, here's the full quote: "With an ingenious plot that delivers a huge emotional punch, this book will make you laugh then cry then laugh again. Sam Baker has written a glorious hymn to one of the strongest, yet most underestimated loves in life - that of a woman for her girlfriends. You will love this book, I promise."

I hope she's right!

If you've managed to get your hands on a proof of To My Best Friends and already read it, I'd love to hear what you think. If you haven't, watch this space, and follow me on twitter @samatredmag because we'll be doing some giveaways in the run up to publication day.