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3 days and counting!

Posted on 17 Aug 2009

Well, it's launch week and we're off to a flying start. Today I wrote a piece for the Daily Mail about the ups and downs of being a stepmum. I spoke to lots of women with a whole variety of...

The first stepmums' support group

Posted on 07 Aug 2009

The Stepmothers' Support Group went live for the first time this week when we recreated one in an East London bar for a feature you'll be able to see in the October issue of Red. Let me tell...

Visit the Stepmums' Support Group on mumsnet

Posted on 18 Jul 2009

Sitting in Caffe Nero, supposedly doing the first draft of my next novel (working title What to Wear to Your Best Friend's Funeral), and I thought I'd tell you a bit more about the SSG activity...

Did someone say screenplay?

Posted on 13 Jul 2009

If you’re not in the UK, the good news is SSG will be published next summer in the United States. We’ve also sold rights in Netherlands, Germany and Greece so far. More to follow...


Welcome to the new look website!

Posted on 13 Jul 2009

Welcome to my website!

If you’ve visited my website before, you might have noticed it’s had a makeover. If you haven’t – good job too, it wasn’t very good and I, lazily, hadn’t updated it for ages. But all that’s going to change from now. My new novel, The Stepmothers’ Support Group is published in the UK next month (August 20th) by Harpercollins.

The Stepmothers’ Support Group came about when I wrote an editor’s letter for the magazine I edit, Red, about being a stepmother. I was inundated by reader emails, deluged even. And it made me think there was something going on there. So I started to ask around and every time I turned around I bumped into someone who turned out to be a stepmum or who was going out with someone who already had kids or they knew someone who was in that situation. Take last night. I went to a party and every single person I told what my new book was about had a stepmum story.

And you know what, they can’t wait to talk about it, because it’s not like you go up to someone at a party and say, ‘Hi, my name’s Sam and I’m a stepmum,’ is it? That’s where your friends come in. They might not always say the things you want to hear, or do the things you think they should do (and vice versa), but nine times out of ten, they get you through... And so, The Stepmothers’ Support Group was born.

But SSG is not just for stepmums, it’s for anyone who ever had a relationship – what modern relationship isn’t one minefield after another? -, and anyone who ever had a great group of girlfriends (love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t live without them.) Anyway, thanks Red readers, and everyone else who emailed me to tip me off. Fingers crossed, I haven’t let you down.

Publication is still a couple of months off, so it’s not <too> manic yet. I’ve just started work on my next novel (of which, more to follow), plus there’s the small matter of the day job to concentrate on. But come August there’ll be lots of things happening: several mags have confirmed reviews and there are lots of features in the pipeline. Also we have an exciting link up with Mumsnet coming very soon. Watch this space for more info.


Sam x